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Highlights from the 2017 Spark Summit East

*An Image of the weather conditions in Boston during Spark Summit East 2017

This February’s Spark Summit East 2017 in Boston highlighted exciting new features in core Apache® Spark™, evolving...

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Give SAP Business Users Faster Access to Analytics with Pre-Built Data Models

Working within the SAP ecosystem may seem overwhelming at times, particularly when different business users are pressing for real-time analytics and actionable insights ASAP. While watching...

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What to Do When the Signal is Noise

Market Volatility Points to Unreliable Forecasts

Recent retail equities trading patterns illustrate how packaged consumer spending data, increasingly popular in forecasting, can leave traders...

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Demise of the Data Dinosaurs 

The big data landscape is feeling the meteoric shock-waves from the trifecta of Cloud Computing, Open Source software, and MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) databases.  Those who do not adapt to...

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How to Create a Blueprint for Your Healthcare Data

Successful healthcare organizations are keeping their competitive edge by collecting, analyzing and using decades worth of data to inform their future decisions. But, in the same way that a home...

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Decoupling Big Data Compute and Storage



Once upon a time, if you wanted a multipurpose platform for analytics, SQL databases were the way to go. This was doubly true for big data, where volumes swelled beyond the capacity of a...

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Press Release-Clarity & Paxata Launch New Web Data Connector for Tableau Users


AUSTIN, TEXAS—November 7, 2016—Paxata, pioneer of the first self-service data preparation application and provider of the only enterprise-grade self-service adaptive information platform, and ...

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What We Learned from Chief Analytics Officers


Earlier this month, Clarity attended the Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) Forum in New York City. In addition to presentations from our own Olaf Larson and Sanghamitra Goswami, there were great...

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Data Architecture Practices: Aligning Your Business With Your Data Strategy

In our previous post we explained the need to drive greater business clarity in business data and information capabilities. Here we describe our own practices so you can see if your data...

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